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Mom’s Monthly Must-Haves

Hello All & welcome back! 

If you haven't read up on last months must-haves for the first month with a newborn, please take a few minutes to do that! Around month two, my husband and I began to feel like we were wrapping our heads around how to care for a newborn while being a wee bit sleep deprived. Below are some products that we used and loved!

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Living with your parents or in-laws...again.

My husband and I are no strangers to home ownership, we have bought and sold homes before and after we got married. It has been a part of our relationship that we have enjoyed; the searching, buying, moving (not all that fun), and then putting in sweat equity. We have always taken it on as a team, and honestly I am the eyes and he is the muscle of the operations. So let's discuss what comes with buying and selling..

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