New Kid on the Blog

Welcome to The Hidden Gem Home! 

Hopefully you have been able to take a moment to read the "about" section of the website to give you a smidge of insight on me. The content on this site will be broken up into one of these following topics, bare with me though I may get off topic at times due to rambling sprees. 😉

1) I am a mom to a baby girl, Avery. She was a “late- preterm” born in April. I am new to the “mom life” and I am excited to share my experiences and how I have adjusted to this mega change.

2) I get giddy when I find a piece of furniture or décor that is past its prime that I can rejuvenate. Paint is an all in one foundation & concealer breathing new life into old pieces.

3) Life is filled with abundant seasons- some where you feel inspired and optimistic and others that leave you feeling unsure and defeated. Treat each season, especially those filled with darkness, as a stepping stone. Seasons come and seasons go.

The Hidden Gem Home is a place where I hope you find your luster. 

I am excited to create content that has the capability to inspire, motivate, or even just entertain.


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