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a tale of a mama who didn’t have her hospital bags packed.

“Once upon a time:

There was an expecting mother who’s baby decided to take matters into their own hands and have their birthday fall on the mother’s Baby Shower. Being that this occurred their mother did not have anything packed for a hospital stay. Here is their story…”

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What in the heck is a "Birth Plan?"

I did not know what a Birth Plan was until I attended our first birthing class and was handed the bible of child delivery. After that class I went home, hopped on Google and started to research all the medical terminology. We were told to fill out the Birth Plan and “be sure to bring it with you to the hospital when you are in labor.”

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Mom’s Monthly Must-Haves

Hello All & welcome back! 

If you haven't read up on last months must-haves for the first month with a newborn, please take a few minutes to do that! Around month two, my husband and I began to feel like we were wrapping our heads around how to care for a newborn while being a wee bit sleep deprived. Below are some products that we used and loved!

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